Below are testimonials from happy clients. I would love to add yours! 

Joe Esselin, client eight years

Ken has a deep knowledge in his field, a talent for explaining his expertise in plain language, a genuine interest in his clients, and unfailing patience. I doubt if many people in his field could have done for me what Ken has done.

Aneta Hutchison, client two years

I am very pleased with the results I’ve seen after a relatively short time working with Ken. He helped me with weight control and strengthening, particularly my lower back. Now that I’m in my 60s, I’m most interested in what Ken calls functional aging. Movement is the key…never stop!

Diane Gravino, client two years

I love my results training with Ken! I feel stronger and more flexible each week. Ken plans and tracks everything, and I look forward to pushing past each level. From stretching to TRX, weights and kettlebells, his varied and extensive knowledge makes my workouts perfectly challenging and truly enjoyable. I hit a major weight loss goal and I can now take the stairs without any knee pain!

Doug Isham, client one year

I enjoy the group class experience and after only a few classes I started noticing a real difference! TRX is an extremely focused and efficient workout with proven results. It helped strengthen my core and other muscle groups and has helped improve my balance. I recently earned my black belt rank in karate. I couldn’t have done it without Ken and TRX.

Joyce Masterson, client one year

I’m amazed by the total body workout I get with TRX/kettlebell training. I have seen quite a change in my overall muscle tone and strength. Attending classes between my personal training sessions helps me stay on target and keeps my activity level up. And the classes are fun too!

Dan Sullivan, client three years

I have achieved great success working with Ken. He has helped me develop the self discipline to exercise regularly and I don’t worry about physical injury. This is an investment in health that has been worth every penny.

Jan Bowers, client four years

With previous programs I lost weight, but it would be all muscle and I was exhausted from poor nutrition. Now, at the same measurements, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and have much more energy.

Annie Maron, client two years

I was in a rut and not seeing the progress that I had hoped for. One of the benefits of working with Ken is that he changes my training program frequently, which continuously challenges my muscles and keeps me interested in the workout. I enjoy working out in Ken’s studio. It is well-equipped and allows me to work out at my own pace, without the hassles of competing for equipment in a crowded gym.

Mary Barton, client two years

I hadn’t exercised since my twins were born and didn’t know where to start. Since I’ve been working with Ken, I am more fit, have better muscle tone and have more energy. Ken’s outlook on keeping a healthy balance in your life is extremely helpful.

Joe Esselin, client eight years

I knew I had serious problems, but I didn’t know then how bad they really were. My blood lipids had reached the high-risk level. Ken outlined a course of action that involved not only exercise, but also what and when I ate, my sleep habits, the amount of water I drank. Ken has enabled me to achieve and maintain good health and a level of fitness that I don’t think would have been possible without him.

Frank VanHusen, client three years

When I established a regular schedule with Ken, it was a real and symbolic commitment to fitness. Knowing that you will be meeting someone at a particular time and place, and they are expecting you to be there, makes it tougher to skip it.