A Fun, Proven Method for Fitness


Kettlebells are thought to have come from Russia in the 1800s. The spherical weights have been popularized in America by former Soviet Special Force trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline. The kettlebell's center of mass is located away from the hand, which makes the tea-kettle-without-a-spout shaped weight ideal for dynamic swinging exercises.

Kettlebell training can help you to be leaner and fitter than you ever imagined in a challenging, fun and results-driven environment. A study from ACE explains the benefits.

  • Burn up to 20 calories per minute (equivalent to running a 6-minute mile).
  • Blend strength, cardio and mobility into one super-efficient workout.
  • Develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.
  • Leverage gravity and body weight with quick transitions to burn calories.
  • Integrate upper and lower body strength and mobility while activating core muscles.

Iā€™m amazed by the total body workout I get with TRX/kettlebell training. I have seen quite a change in my overall muscle tone and strength. Attending classes between my personal training sessions helps me stay on target and keeps my activity level up. And the classes are fun too!
— Joyce Masterson, client