A Program Built for Your Lifestyle

Most of us are lucky enough to be given good health until age 30. After that, we have to earn it.
— Ken Ospelt, personal trainer

Exercise programs fail mainly because the exercise hurts, people aren't getting the results they want or are unable to stick with a program long term. I address these issues in three ways:

Program Design

Exercise hurts if you start with "too much too soon," perform the exercises incorrectly or follow the wrong program. I will tailor a program specifically to your goals and fitness level with the right combination of strength training, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises. A body composition analysis can mark a starting point to measure future results.

Personal Training Sessions 

To get the results you want, I will make each workout more productive by helping you:

  • Get the most out of each exercise by ensuring the proper technique
  • Exercise at a higher level than you might on your own
  • Set a regular time and place for exercise to establish consistency and accountability 

There is no magic number of sessions per week, but clients who train more frequently tend to progress faster and get more satisfaction from their workouts.


I will change your program regularly as your fitness level improves and your goals evolve. This keeps your exercise program effective and helps stave off the boredom that dooms so many static programs

I hadn’t exercised since my twins were born and didn’t know where to start. Since I’ve been working with Ken, I am more fit, have better muscle tone and have more energy. Ken’s outlook on keeping a healthy balance in your life is extremely helpful.
— Mary Barton, Client