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About Ken Ospelt

Fitness has always been my way of life. Baseball is my passion – I played from little league through collegiate Division I. Athletic competition piqued my interest in fitness and nutrition, and I love helping clients reach their potential. I live by the philosophy of “everything in moderation” and believe that regular efforts to maintain fitness and mobility will mean a longer, richer quality of life.

My nearly 30 years of fitness training experience are backed by solid credentials:

I have worked with clients ranging from young athletes to senior citizens. At Ohio University I designed strength and conditioning programs for the baseball team. I have also developed nutritional programs at The Cleveland Clinic and worked with rehab patients at The University of Chicago and Ohio’s Holzer Clinic.

I have achieved great success working with Ken. He has helped me develop the self discipline to exercise regularly and I don’t worry about physical injury. This is an investment in health that has been worth every penny.
— Dan Sullivan, client